Nuvo Launches jHorn Brass Training Instrument

Nuvo Launches jHorn Brass Training Instrument

Luna is just 5 years old and immediately produced some impressive low notes!

The jHorn is the latest addition to Nuvo’s expanding range of innovative pre-band instruments. Designed specifically to suit young students trying out brass for the first time, the jHorn is compact, lightweight and durable. 

With standard horn fingerings, the jHorn plays the same register as a baritone horn or euphonium but has a unique multi-cup mouthpiece to allow students to experiment with low, middle and high brass embouchures. It can also be played with a standard trumpet, alto horn or small bore trombone mouthpiece.

Another innovative feature is the valve system. With piston-type actuators, the patented rotary face valves are low maintenance and require no valve oil. The whole instrument can be flushed out frequently and quickly with hot soapy water. The jHorn is tuned in the key of Bb but has a set of C tuning slides. This means it can be converted to play in concert pitch to play along with the other instruments in Nuvo’s pre-band program, WindStars.  As well as being perfect for kids, the jHorn is proving popular as a fun travel instrument for adult amateur brass players looking for a lightweight alternative for a quick practice on the go.

Nuvo continues to innovate to bring more kids into music at an earlier age, bridging the gap between recorders and beginning band.

Nuvo WindStars won the Best in Show at the 2019 NAMM Show

Nuvo WindStars won the Best in Show at the 2019 NAMM Show

At Winter NAMM 2019, we were thrilled and honored to have Windstars winning the Best in Show award. It was selected by George Quinlin of Quinlin & Fabish, Illinois.

“Nuvo has developed a line of pre-band instruments, and they perform much like traditional band instruments. They require a certain amount of air to get them to play, and it’s not designed to replace what’s already happening to recruit kids into music programs. And it’s not designed to replace traditional flutes and clarinets and brass instruments, either. It’s really something that’s totally new and in-between. It has a purpose simply to get kids excited about playing wind instruments.”

Music Inc. Magazine’s article on Best in Show highlights:

Full award ceremony available on NAMM’s website. Skip to 1:04:40 to watch Nuvo WindStars addressed by George Quinlin:

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