Play It Today!


Bruce Hunnisett, Paul Barker, Graham Lyons, Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich

The Nuvo Play It Today Series has been prepared and edited by 4 widely experienced music educators to provide a basis for playing or teaching with Nuvo instruments. Introducing basic technique and enough notes to play simple fun tunes solo or in a group. This is the perfect method for developing the necessary skills to further explore the wealth of music you can play with your Nuvo instrument.

This material can be used to teach yourself or as a classroom method to teach multiple students. You can download the book, backing tracks and instructional videos and use them in the classroom. When online you can click the links in the PDF to access the music and videos. Since all NUVO instruments are in the key of C, students can play from the same music score.

When you have finished learning the tunes in the Play It Today book and are looking for additional music, you can download free content from the WindStars website.









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