WindStars is a pre-band music class bringing children together to learn and perform fun music using Nuvo instruments.

WindStars is a simple, effective, and affordable way for elementary or junior school kids to experience the joy of playing music together. Through WindStars, children learn to play a musical instrument and develop a life-long love of music at an early age.

WindStars is a book-based program with extra music and materials available online. The program materials have been created by highly experienced music educators and are easily accessible for teachers with no previous experience with wind instruments.

The program is in 3 stages:

The Student and Teacher’s books are available from your local Nuvo dealer and access to the music and other materials is free of charge from our WindStars website. Click the link below to go to the WindStars website. We also have a range of stands to help manage the instruments in the classroom.

WindStars 1 Class Set

WindStars 1 uses the Dood and Toot. They are perfect step-up instruments for recorder students to learn before progressing to the next level. 

WindStars 2 / 3 Class Set

WindStars 2 and WindStars 3 use the same set of Nuvo instruments: Clarinéo, jFlute, jHorn and jSax.

WindStars Website

On the WindStars website you will find essential learning materials for starting a WindStars band in your school or community. You can also use the materials to teach yourself how to play Nuvo instruments solo.

WindStars Music

You can download fun music and backing tracks composed or arranged specifically for a WindStars Band. You will also find solos and duets. They are grouped to provide lots of options for WindStars performances at school or in your local community.

WindStars Community

Please connect with our WindStars FaceBook page and share your WindStars experiences and performances. We will be running competitions and look forward to creating a national convention for WindStars performances.

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