More Music & More Fun! KHS America is excited to partner with NUVO as the exclusive distributor in the U.S. NUVO instruments are perfect for generating enthusiasm and inspiring kids and adults to make music. Together, we’ll bring more music opportunities and support to musicians and school music programs. Join our journey!

Product Details

  • Bright colors
  • High-quality tone
  • Lightweight durable plastic
  • 100% washable
  • Ergonomic design

WindStars Curriculum

  • Innovative, award-winning curriculum for classroom and beyond
  • Provides bridge from recorder to band
  • Turnkey solution helps remove learning barriers
  • Creates fun, long-lasting musical experiences
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NUVO WindStars Sweepstakes
WindStars 1 Set
WindStars 2 Set

Are you an elementary music or general music teacher? Are you looking for something new to spice up your curriculum or easy to clean instruments for your classroom?


Complete the form below between April 1 – June 15, 2022 for the chance to win your choice of a WindStars 1 or 2 Set for your school valued at $2,500!


WindStars 1 Set

  • 24 Doods
  • 24 Toots
  • 48 WindStars 1 Student Books
  • 1 WindStars 2 Teacher Manual
  • 2 Storage Racks
  • FREE Training with NUVO Director of Education Brittany Bauman

WindStars 2 Set

  • 3 jFlutes with 3 additional donut headjoints
  • 3 Clarinéos with 3 additional mouthpieces
  • 3 jSaxes with 3 additional mouthpieces
  • 3 jHorns with 4 additional mouthpieces
  • 15 WindStars 2 Student Books
  • 1 WindStars 2 Teacher Manual
  • 3 Storage Racks
  • 1 School Spares Kit
  • FREE Training with NUVO Director of Education Brittany Bauman

Please refer to our Official Rules for a complete listing of rules and prizes.

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Where to Buy

Thank you for showing interest in NUVO.  Please visit our store locator to find where to purchase our products or the following online retailers:

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