Name: Gwen Harborne
Address: London, United Kingdom

Gwen studied flute and piano performance at Lancaster University. She runs her music studio teaching flute, piano and recorder privately while also teaching at local schools.

“Nuvo flutes are great for beginners. I love how light they are and the ‘recorder’ lip plate encourages beginners with their first few notes. I also love the extender keys, allowing small hands to reach the A, G and G# keys easily.”

Name: Kenneth Chia
Address: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 016 311 2159

Ken is originally from NYC, now based in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia. He is an experienced flute instructor, performer, technician and Nuvo fan!

“These are fantastic beginner flutes. Practically indestructable, affordable, modular and they sound great! They are perfect for childhood woodwind programs.”

Name: Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich
Address: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Dr. Eisenreich is on the Flute and Music Education Faculty at Slippery Rock University and serves as the Music Education Specialist for NUVO.

“The NUVO Flute produces a full and resonant tone with impressive intonation in all registers. These qualities along with its lightweight make, colorful keys, easy maintenance, and inexpensive cost make the NUVO Flute an ideal instrument for beginning students.”

Name: Victor Hugo Guzman
Address: Riohacha, la Guajira, Colombia
Phone: (57) 3016428192

Victor is a flute teacher who works with children in Colombia. He studied in Caracas, Venezuela and Universidad Pedagógica Nacional of Colombia. Now he works for Fundartes Guajira and the Fundación Batuta.

“Nuvo is an opportunity for people to access the marvelous music world. In my country is very difficult to buy a new expensive instrument, and many children doesn´t have chance to enjoy music, so it is a great choice!”

Name: Nuno Cachetas Pinto
Address: Portugal,
Phone: +351 967 448 715

Nuno is pursing his Master degree in Music Education at the University of Aveiro, Portugal on the study of the Clarineo for younger students. He teaches children at the Conservatorio de Musica Calouste Gulbenkian.

“Clarineo is the most adequate instrument to initialize the studying of clarinet. It eliminates the most difficult obstacles for children when they start.”

Name: Korinne Smith
Address: Columbia, SC, 29223, United States
Phone: 716-622-5155

Korinne Smith is the Founder of KinderFlute-Columbia, a dedicated flute instructor, and an innovative and adaptable training/education professional.

“The Nuvo Flute is the best beginner flute on the market. The colorful options excite my students and brighten up their music making. The Nuvo Flute is ideal for my KinderFlute students.”

Name: Anke van der Bijl
Address: Gouda, Netherlands

Anke studied flute at the Conservatory of Utrecht (NL). After Post Graduate Studies in the UK, USA and Japan and with 25 years of international experience in Suzuki Method, she has become a specialist in the field of Music Education. She is much in demand as guest teacher in international Suzuki Workshops around the world and is Instrumental Director Flute and Deputy Chair at the European Suzuki Association.

Name: Tari Wheeler Roosa
Address: Lee, MA, United States
Phone: (413) 243-4912

Tari is an active performer and teacher in Massachusetts. She teaches Suzuki flute and in the El Sistema program “Kids 4 Harmony” in Pittsfield, MA.

“The Nuvo J-flute is a wonderful instrument for a young beginner flutist. It is durable, light-weight, and yet produces a great sound.”

Name: Bryony Sleaford
Address: Birmingham, B31 5JL, United Kingdom


Bryony is a private woodwind teacher of all ages. She is also a performing musician and loves to encourage pupils to get the most out of their instruments.

“I was excited to receive my Nuvo flutes and was surprised by the lovely rich, warm tone. The flute plays easily and is great for younger players. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the Nuvo flute and can’t wait to allow more pupils the opportunity to use them. My students love the case too!”

Name: Sophie Boden
Address: Barnet, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Sophie is a woodwind teacher for Hertfordshire Music Service. She teaches saxophone, flute, clarinet, recorder and fife to children and adults of all ages.

“I love the Nuvo flute and Clarineo. They make learning a realistic possibility for younger children because they are lightweight and easy to hold. They are easy to look after and the best thing is they actually sound good too!”

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