Children as Young as Three Taking Up The Clarineo!

Children as Young as Three Taking Up The Clarineo!

Hong Kong woodwind musician and teacher, Terry Chan from V-Music shows that you can start children off on the Clarinéo at the tender age of 3!

With over 15 years of experience teaching brass and woodwind, Terry has a simple strategy for giving his students the best chance of being captivated by the joy of making music. He’s says quite simply that the younger they start the faster they learn and the less distracted they get. With this approach he has 12 students under the age of 8 all learning the Clarinéo with a number of them taking ABRSM Grade exams.

“Before I discovered the Clarinéo, it wasn’t really possible to introduce the Clarinet to children under the age of 8 and even many 8 year olds struggle with the weight, size and complexity of a Bb Clarinet. Now I use the Clarinéo for the first couple of years which gives a perfect foundation for a child who might later go on to play the clarinet, saxophone or any other woodwind”. Terry’s enthusiasm for the Clarinéo is shared by his students and their parents. “Most parents are reluctant to invest in an expensive instrument at the outset because they are unsure if their child will stick with it. The low initial cost and low maintenance cost of the Clarinéo gives them the perfect introduction without breaking the bank, meanwhile the child appreciates the lightweight, smaller size and they can produce a good tone right from the start.”

Since starting up teaching with the Clarinéo a couple of years ago Terry has increased his studio business and also had the opportunity to introduce the Clarinéo to a number of local schools. Now with the advent of the Nuvo Flute Terry can even offer basic woodwind introduction classes at Kindergartens!

To contact Terry directly you can e-mail him at V-Music –

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