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For a child ready to progress from the recorder, the Toot is the perfect next step to ultimately playing the flute.

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A natural next step for a child playing the recorder, the Dood is a great way to introduce single-reed skills at an early age and is a great addition to any recorder ensemble.

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The jSax opens up whole new opportunities for kids to take up the sax at an early age.

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“The NUVO flute is a brilliant idea. It enables kids to cultivate an early interest in the flute which can then evolve into a greater musical commitment as they get older. They can also simply have fun with it and without their parents having to make a significant financial commitment from the start. I must say that the instrument plays remarkably well. It is not a ‘toy’. It is a real flute!”

Bill McBirnie (Toronto, Canada)


We are passionate about improving instrument design.
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“The Clarinéo’s smaller size and lighter weight make it ideal for children who are too small to play the clarinet. It uses standard clarinet fingerings so transition to the clarinet is easy. It sounds great, requires very little maintenance, and is surprisingly durable.”

Dave Bradley (California, United States)


Uptown Funk – Nuvo instruments

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson – arranged and played by Bruce Hunnisett on Nuvo DooD, TooT, jSAX, Flute and Clarinéo. click here.


Nuvo Student Flute Chosen in Top 8 Student Flutes of 2016

The Nuvo Student flute was recently ranked #5 in a comparison of student flutes across the United States! Compiled with twenty-six hours of research, this video wiki is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of student flute options available in the US. This wiki... read more


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Nuvo WindStars is a simple, effective and affordable program that enables kids 4 to 10 years old to play real music to concert level and develop a life-long love of music. Learn more from the Nuvo WindStars website.